Top 6 Way To Protect Your Hardwood Floors From Rolling Chairs

Some people may think that carpets are the best option when it comes to flooring, but what about hardwood floors? They’re beautiful, durable, and can be a great choice for your home.

But, they’re not as forgiving of rolling chairs as carpet. Hardwood floors can be damaged by these chairs and so you want to keep them safe.

How to Protect Hardwood Floors From Rolling Chairs

One of the biggest dangers in a home is having furniture that can roll. When chairs, tables, or even coffee tables start to move they can create a lot of problems. It’s easy to prevent this from happening by using a few simple steps.

The first thing you will want to do is put something under your furniture to raise it up off the floor.

You can use books, boxes, pillows, or whatever you have on hand. Next, add carpet tape to the bottom of each leg of your furniture.

This will help secure it so it doesn’t easily slide across the wood floors when pushed.

1. Use hardwood casters

Casters help to prevent any damage from rolling chairs. They are small pieces of metal on the bottom of furniture that allow it to roll smoothly on a hard surface.

You can find casters for most furniture, but the location of them may vary. The legs of the chair should be able to rotate to allow for different seating positions during the day.

You will not have problems if your chairs do not rotate, but you will have a hard time moving them when they are in one position.

It is better to try and find chairs that can both move and rotate.

Take a look at the height of the table before you buy it. A lot of people like taller tables because they can work on their laptops or work on their computer

2. Use area rugs

Area rugs are a good option for protecting hardwood floors. There are many locations across the room where area rugs can be placed and will help to prevent rolling chairs from damaging your flooring. These include under the dining table and along the edges of the seating area.

3. Use furniture pads

Furniture pads are small plastic or rubber tiles that are placed under chairs, so they don’t slide around on hardwood floors. They are simple to use, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Most pads can be quickly affixed using adhesive, Velcro straps, or clips.

4. Never push the office chairs

When pulling up chairs, you may be tempted to use the footrests or wheel of the chair to steady them.

This is not a good idea, because the wheels on some chairs are made of hard plastic, which can cause the chairs to roll when they’re pushed.

Also, if you push the chairs this way, their wheels lose traction and they can easily slide across your floor.

5. Regular Maintenance And Repairing of the Wheels

The most important thing you can do to protect your hardwood floors is to regularly maintain and repair the wheels.

This way, if a chair rolls out of control, it will not damage your floor. It also prevents chairs from getting stuck in corners where they may cause scratches or damage.

6. Place cardboard under the rolling chair

To protect your hardwood floor from rolling chairs, place a piece of cardboard underneath the chair. This will prevent the chair from scratching up your floor.

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Basic Assembly Steps

The first step to prevent your hardwood floors from being scratched and gouged by rolling chairs is to place the chair upside down on the floor.

If one person is sitting in the chair, then you can put a towel under it so that it won’t leave any scratches on your floor.

Next, you should make sure that both feet of the chair is resting on the ground so that there is no chance for them to slip off.

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