California Motorcycle Accident Lawyer 2021

Friends, the fun that is in riding a motorcycle is not in anyone because I am also very fond of riding a motorcycle, but when we have a bike when we ride a bike, due to lack of safety, we can also die and we can also get injured. can.

An analysis of accident data currently available by the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration shows that a person riding a motorcycle is 29 times more likely to be killed in an accident and four times more likely to be hurt than people in cars. Chances are.

when there is an accident due to the negligence of the motorcyclist or the other side or due to careless behavior, then he gets maximum injury or death.

California Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Then the motorcycle rider or the family of the motorcyclist who has committed the mistake may be entitled to recovery of compensation from that party. There is a lot at stake in handing over an accident claim to someone other than an experienced California motorcycle accident attorney.

Should You Hire A California Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

Guys the Public perception that someone who rides a motorcycle is a thrill seeker or does not obey traffic laws, makes lawsuits for injuries or death damages in a motorcycle accident more difficult.

It takes a skilled personal injury attorney who successfully represents the interests of injured riders and their families to clear the jury’s perceptions of riders and handle legal issues that may arise in motorcycle cases. Legal implications from motorcycle accidents

Friends motorcycles, which lack the crash-ability and stability of cars and other types of vehicles, make riders more likely to lose control due to collisions with objects or vehicles due to weather conditions, potholes, and other road hazards.

When a motorcycle crashes, it results in the death or injury of the rider in at least 80% of accidents, according to the NHTSA.

If you get hurt in a motorcycle accident or lose a loved one, you must decide whether to hire a California motorcycle accident attorney to represent you.

You can consider the following ways an attorney makes a difference to help you make your decision.

Proving liability and damages

By undertaking a thorough investigation of an accident, your lawyer identifies and gathers evidence to prove its cause, the party or parties responsible for it, and the damages or losses that you suffered as a result. 

The fact that you believe that another party caused the crash of your motorcycle and the injuries you suffered is not enough to get an insurance company to agree to settle the case or convince a jury to award damages in your favor. You need evidence proving that someone was at fault.

The evidence your lawyer gathers to present during negotiations or trial proves someone’s negligence caused you to be injured. The elements of negligence include proof of the following:

Duty of care: Another party, known as the “defendant,” owed a legal duty of care to you. For example, drivers owe a duty to operate their vehicles in a manner so as to not cause harm to others.

Breach of the duty of care: An example of conduct that breaches the duty of care might be a driver of a car making a left turn who fails to yield the right of way as you approach your motorcycle.

Causation: The conduct of the defendant was what caused you to be injured or caused the death of a family member.

Damages: Proof of the damages, such as lost earnings, pain and suffering, and medical expenses, that you suffered.

The aggressive representation that takes a burden away from you

Guys Representation by a motorcycle accident lawyer gives you time to focus on recovering from your injuries or time to grieve the loss of a loved one by taking on matters related to your claim for compensation, including:

  1. Determining the value of your claim based on the cost of medical care, lost earnings, pain and suffering, and other damages caused by the accident.
  2. Identifying all parties at fault in causing the accident and notifying them of your claim for compensation.
  3. Handling all communications and negotiations with insurance companies and defense lawyers for the at-fault parties.
  4. Preparing pleadings and other documents needed to file a lawsuit against all parties responsible for the accident.
  5. Developing and pursuing an aggressive strategy to get you the maximum compensation available under the law through a negotiated settlement or, if a fair resolution cannot be achieved through negotiations, by being prepared to present evidence at trial to secure a favorable award from a jury.

Dealing with claims adjusters and investigators for the other parties

Waiting until after you talk to an insurance investigator or claims adjuster to consult with your own California motorcycle accident lawyer may be too late to avoid making a costly mistake. Insurance companies and the people working for them are not looking out for your best interest.

Their work is on behalf of the party whose negligent or reckless conduct caused the accident and the injuries and damages that you suffered.

Any statement you make, even responding to a question about how you feel, could be used to weaken or defeat your claim and prevent you from receiving the just and fair compensation that you deserve.

Letting a lawyer handle communicating with insurance companies and their representatives prevents them from gaining an unfair advantage through manipulation and mischaracterization of statements or comments coming directly from you.

Your lawyer has the training, skills, and experience to go toe-to-toe with insurance companies and defense attorneys during negotiations that may lead to a settlement.

How To Hire A California Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Friends’ idea of working with an attorney can seem overwhelming and difficult which is why we’re here. If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle incident in California and want legal advice, contact us immediately. Here are the steps to our simple, streamlined process:

  1. Contact us here and inform us of your situation (be as detailed as possible)
  2. Our legal aid team will collectively evaluate your situation and forward your case to one of our vetted attorneys who specializes in cases similar to yours
  3. An attorney who’s already aware of your situation will consult with you free of charge to gain a better understanding of how they can help you best

 California Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Cost?

Friends, now that you are in a hospital or confined to your home recovering from injuries in a motorcycle accident, you don’t have to worry about finding money to maintain legal representation.

Guys motorcycle accident lawyers work on what’s called a “contingency fee” arrangement.

Costs and expenses

The fee agreement you negotiate with your attorney should include an explanation of how the costs and expenses related to the claim will be handled. Examples of expenses and expenses incurred by a lawyer while making representation are given below.

  • Court filing fees
  • Postage
  • Copying costs
  • Fees charged by expert witnesses
  • Fees charged by investigators
  • Fees paid for police reports, medical records, and motor vehicle records

Guys lawyer will carry forward the cost and fee as per the requirement and recover them from settlement or award before deducting the legal fees.

Your attorney will review the anticipated fees with you and include in the fee agreement how they will be handled and what you will be responsible for paying them if you do not recover compensation.

How To Hire A California Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Guys the idea of ​​working with a lawyer can seem overwhelming and daunting, so here we are. If you have been involved in a motorcycle incident in California and would like legal advice, contact us immediately. Here are the steps in our simple, streamlined process:

  1. Contact us here and inform us about your situation (as detailed as possible)
  2. Our legal support team will collectively assess your situation and forward your case to one of our verified attorneys who specialize in cases similar to yours.
  3. A lawyer who already knows about your situation will consult you for free to understand better how they can best help you.

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